This is Demola Basque Country

Welcome to Demola Basque Country! We are the launching location of Demola in Spain. Our aim is to build an environment where innovation is the key to find answers to competitiveness, social and technological challenges. From Demola Basque Country we are opening the gates to our students to apply their knowledge and fresh ideas into real life projects proposed by partner companies.

Basque Country is a unique Region in the green lands of the North of Spain known for its large identity, incomparable natural landscapes and extraordinary cuisine. Knowing our home you know our people. Hard workers, fun, welcoming and wholehearted. An open character combined by history and modernity.

Top ranked in terms of science and technology graduates. The training and excellence of our people is the key strategic factor for the competitiveness of the Basque Country. 4 universities, idea factories and assemblers of talent filled with the passion, creativity, and idealism of 60.000 great minds.


Demola Basque Country

Carretera San Vicente Km10 -
48510 Trapagaran


Javier Riaño

Head of Demola Basque Country

Pilar Tovar Martín

Facilitator of Demola Basque Country
+34 944186050

Zaloa Mitxelena Pastor

Facilitator of Demola Basque Country
+34 944186050

Demola Network

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Ville Kairamo

Demola Network
+358 40 566 7182

Tommi Järvinen

Demola Network
Vice President
+358 40 555 9877

Jarmo Tuominiemi

Demola Network
+358 40 823 5392

Janne Eskola

Demola Network
Director, Partnerships
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Jere Wessman

Demola Network
Service Experience Lead
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Bernard Garvey

Demola Network
Manager, operations
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Karelle Bélanger

Demola Network
Facilitator, communications (on maternity leave)
+358 44 924 8757

Joonas Kemppainen

Demola Network
Digitalization Wizard
+358 50 529 1845

Jarkko Moilanen

Demola Network
+358 40 535 9066

Lucas Machado

Demola Network
Web Developer
+358 41 369 9536